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Hofmann, Florian/ Zwiers/ Jakob, Jaeger-Erben, Melanie und Max Marwede (2018): Circular Economy als Gegenstand einer sozial-ökologischen Transformation?, Rogall. H. et al (2018): Jahrbuch Nachhaltige Ökonomie., 217-229, Metropolis, Article in Book, published.

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Loew, A. (2017): Full list of publications of Prof. Dr. Alexander Löw can be found here:, Reviewed, published.

KAMINSKE, V. & STREIFINGER, M. (2017): "Expeditionary Learning in regional orientierten Praxisbeispielen". In: Das Seminar, Heft 4, 2017, 20, Stuttgart, Proceeding, accepted.

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PUTZENLECHNER, B.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A.; LUDWIG, R. (2017): Assessing the spatial and temporal sampling bias of instantaneous two-Flux fAPAR observations in a temperate mixed coniferous forest, ESA Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Vegetation Status (FLEX) Workshop, 17-19 Jan 2017, Frascati, Italy, Abstract, published.



51-75 von 1747