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Prof. Dr.  Philip Marzahn

Prof. Dr. Philip Marzahn

Vertretungsprofessor für Physische Geographie und Umweltfernerkundung

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Tsyganskaya, V.; Martinis, S.; Marzahn, P. & Ludwig, R. (2018): SAR-based detection of flooded vegetation - a review of characteristics and approaches , International Journal of Remote Sensing , 2255-2293 , Reviewed, published.

Wang, L.; Marzahn, P.; Bernier, M. & Ludwig, R. (2018): Mapping permafrost landscape features using object-based image classification of multi-temporal SAR images , ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol 141 , 10-29 , Reviewed, published.

Tsyganskaya, V., Martinis, S.,Marzahn, P., Ludwig, R. (2018): Detection of Temporary Flooded Vegetation Using Sentinel-1 Time Series Data , Remote Sensing , Reviewed, published.

Wang. L., Jolivel, M., Marzahn, P. Bernier, M. and Ludwig, R. (2018): Thermokarst pond dynamics in subarctic environment monitoring with radar remote sensing , Permafrost and Periglacial Processes , Reviewed, published.

Li, Wei and Campos-Vargas, Carlos and Marzahn, Philip and Sanchez-Azofeifa, Arturo (2018): On the estimation of tree mortality and liana infestation using a deep self-encoding network , International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation , Reviewed, published.

Wang, L., Marzahn, P., Bernier, M., Jacome, A., Poulin, J. and Ludwig, R. (2017): Comparison of TerraSAR-X and ALOS PALSAR Differential Interferometry With Multisource DEMs for Monitoring Ground Displacement in a Discontinuous Permafrost Region , IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing , 1-20 , Reviewed, published.

Marzahn, P.; Seidel, M. & Ludwig, R. (2012): Decomposing dual scale soil surface roughness for microwave remote sensing applications , Remote Sensing , 2016-2032 , Reviewed, published.

Marzahn, P.; Wegmueller, U.; Mattia, F. & Ludwig, R. (2012): FLASHING FIELDS! and the impact of Soil Surface Roughness , Proc. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS 2012 , Proceeding, in press.

Schlenz, F.; Fallmann, J.; Marzahn, P.and Loew, A. & Mauser, W. (2012): Characterization of Rape Field Microwave Emission and Implications to Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals , Remote Sensing , 247-270 , Reviewed, published.

Marzahn, P.; Rieke-Zapp, D. & Ludwig, R. (2012): Assessment of soil surface roughness statistics for microwave remote sensing applications using a simple photogrammetric acquisition system , International Journal of Photogrametry and Remote Sensing ISPRS , 80-89 , Reviewed, published.

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Dong, L., Marzahn, P. and Ludwig, R. (2012): Operational surface soil moisture retrieval by c-band SAR imagery in a semi-arid environment , 2012 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium , 626 - 629 , Proceeding, published.

Wegmüller, U.; Santoro, M.; Mattia, F.; Balenzano, A.; Satalino, G.; Marzahn, P.; Ludwig, R. & Floury, N. (2011): Progress in the understanding of narrow directional microwave scattering of agricultural fields , Remote Sensing of Environment , 2423-2433 , Reviewed, published.

Hank, T.; Marzahn, P.; Schlenz, F. & Mauser, W. (2010): Assessing Moisture Conditions of Heterogeneous Landsurfaces through Hyperspectral Analysis of Water Absorption Features , Proceedings of the ‘Hyperspectral Workshop 2010’ ESRIN (ESA SP-683, May 2010), ISBN 978-92-9221-247-6, ISSN 1609-042X., , Frascati (Italy) , Proceeding, published.

Wegmueller, U.; Santoro, M.; Mattia, F.; Balenzano, A.; Satalino, G.; Marzahn, P; Fischer, G.; Ludwig, R. & Floury, N. (2010): Progress in the Understanding of Narrow Directional Scattering over Agricultural Fields , Proceedings of ESA Living Planet Symposium 2010 Bergen, Norway , Proceeding, published.

Marzahn, P. & Ludwig, R. (2009): On the derivation of soil surface roughness from multi parametric PolSAR data and its potential for hydrological modeling , Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., Vol. 13 , 381-394 , Reviewed, published.

Lievens, H.; Alvarez-Mozos, J.; Marzahn, P.; Ludwig, R.; Matgen, P.; Hoffmann, L. & Verhoest, N. (2009): Soil Mositure Retreival from SAR using Modeled Effective Roughness , Proceedings of ESA Earth Observation and Water Cycle Symposium , Frascati, Italy , Proceeding, published.

Marzahn, P. & Ludwig, R. (2009): Using fully polarimetric SAR data for the retrieval of soil surface roughness: potentials and limitations for an operational use , Proceedings of the ESA PolInSAR Workshop, Frascati, Italy, on CD-ROM , Proceeding, published.

Marzahn, P.; Kruger, K. & Ludwig, R. (2007): Derivation of soil surface roughness dynamics from multi-temporal and multi-parametric airborne PolSAR-data , Proceedings of Multitemp2007, International Workshop on the Analysis of Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Images, 18-20 July 2007 , 1-5 , Leuven, Belgium , Proceeding, published.

Marzahn, P.; Kruger, K. & Ludwig, R. (2007): Derivation of soil surface dynamics from multi-temporal airborne POLSAR data , AGRISAR and EAGLE Campaigns Final Workshop. 15 - 16 October 2007 ESA/ESTEC , Noordwijk, the Netherlands , Proceeding, published.

Zeiger, M., P. Marzahn, A.L. Horn und N. Fohrer (2004): Digitale Bildanalyse der Oberflächenstruktur von Ackerböden , Mitteilgn. Dtsch. Bodenkundl. Gesellsch., 104 , 67-68 , Proceeding, published.

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