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M.Sc.  Birgitta Putzenlechner

M.Sc. Birgitta Putzenlechner


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SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A; PUTZENLECHNER, B; SHARP, I.; GUZMAN, J. A.; LUDWIG, R.; MARZAHN, P. (2018): Validating FAPAR estimates across temporal and spatial scales: lessons using wireless sensor networks. , Workshop on Land Product Validation and Evolution (LPV 2018) (27 Feb - 1 Mar) , Frascati, IT , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B.; MARZAHN, P.; KIESE, R.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A. (2018): Two-flux FAPAR observations with uncertainty estimates for the validation of the Sentinel-2 product in a pre-alpine forest , 2nd Sentinel-2 Validation Team Meeting (S2VT) 29-31 Jan 2018 , Frascati, IT , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B.; Marzahn, P.; LUDWIG, R.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A. (2018): How to link the Sentinl-2 FAPAR product to FAPAR ground measurements in a mixed coniferous forest considering different scales , EGU General Assembly 8-13 Apr 2018 , Vienna, AT , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A.; LUDWIG, R. (2017): Assessing the spatial and temporal sampling bias of instantaneous two-Flux fAPAR observations in a temperate mixed coniferous forest , ESA Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Vegetation Status (FLEX) Workshop, 17-19 Jan 2017 , Frascati, Italy , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B.; MARZAHN, P.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A.; LUDWIG, R. (2017): Potenzial von Sensornetzwerken zur Beobachtung der photosynthetisch genutzten Strahlung , Deutscher Kongress für Geographie , Tübingen, Germany , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B.; MARZAHN, P.; SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A.; LUDWIG, R. (2017): On the need for a bias assessment of FAPAR ground measurements to validate the Sentinel-2 FAPAR product in a pre-alpine mixed coniferous forest. , EARSeL Symposium 27-30 June 2017 , Prague, CZ , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B., SANCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, A., LUDWIG, R. (2016): Assessing the spatial and temporal variability of fAPAR 2-flux estimates in a temperate mixed coniferous forest , EGU General Assembly 2016 , Vienna, Austria , Abstract, published.

MAUSER, W., KLEPPER, G., ZABEL, F., DELZEIT, R., HANK, T., PUTZENLECHNER, B., CALZADILLA, A. (2015): Global biomass production potentials exceed expected future demand without the need for cropland expansion , Nature Communications 6, doi:10.1038/ncomms9946 , Reviewed, published.

ZABEL, F., MAUSER, W., PUTZENLECHNER, B., DELZEIT, R., KLEPPER, G. (2014): Potential of improving food security through closing yield gaps and land use expansion , 2nd Global Land Project Open Science Meeting 2014 , Berlin, Germany , Abstract, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B, ZABEL, F., DELZEIT, R., MAUSER, W., KLEPPER, G. (2014): Global agricultural potentials - ecological and economic considerations , Sustainability in the Water-Food-Energy-Nexus 2014 , 69-70 , Bonn, Germany , Abstract, published.

ZABEL, F., PUTZENLECHNER, B., MAUSER, W. (2014): Global agricultural land resources - a high resolution suitability evaluation and its perspectives until 2100 under climate change conditions , PLOSONE, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0107522 , Reviewed, published.

AVELLAN, T., ZABEL, F., PUTZENLECHNER, B., MAUSER, W. (2013): A Comparison of Using Dominant Soil and Weighted Average of the Component Soils in Determining Global Crop Growth Suitability , International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 2(3), doi: 10.5539/ep.v2n3p40 , 40-51 , Reviewed, published.

PUTZENLECHNER, B., ZABEL, F., MUERTH, M., MAUSER, W. (2013): Validation of simulated MM5-coupled PROMET land surface temperatures using MSG/SEVIRI data , ESA Living Planet Symposium 2013 , Edinburgh (UK) , Proceeding, published.

MAUSER, W., BACH, H., HANK, T., ZABEL, F., PUTZENLECHNER, B. (2012): How spectroscopy from space will support world agriculture , Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2012 IEEE International , 7321-7324 , Munich (GER) , Proceeding, published.

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