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Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich) welcomes exchange students from universities all over the world as well as Erasmus students from European partner universities. For general information about an exchange with LMU Munich please contact our International Office.

If you have already successfully submitted your application at LMU Munich we would like to give you some more detailed information about studying at the Department of Geography:

Information about our current courses

To inform yourself about currently offered courses, please have a look at the LSF (Lehre Studium Forschung). Please note that it is not possible to register for courses or exams via the LSF. The LSF is just an information tool to see where, what and when courses are being offered and who teaches them.

Registration for courses and exams

To participate in our courses or exams you have to sign up first. (This does not apply to lectures. These can be visited without prior notification. Registration for exams is still necessary.) Please use our own Course-Management-System to do so. You are invited to read the information given before clicking on the button “Kursanmeldung / Klausuranmeldung online”. If you use our Course-Management-System for the first time you have to register beforehand. To get started you have to click on “Neuregistrierung” (registration for the first time).


After that you will be promoted to give some personal information (as you do not have a Matrikelnummer, just take any easily identifiable number with nine digits, e. g. 123456789, 222222222, 112233445). To choose your “Studiengang” simply scroll down and select “Erasmus-Studenten”. As an Erasmus student you can apply for all of our courses even if you are not yet enrolled at LMU Munich. Please note that you have to register separately for courses and exams.


Important dates

If you click on the button "Wichtige Termine" (important dates) you can see “Anmeldezeiträume für Klausuren, Kurse, Exkursionen und Bachelorarbeiten (registration periods for our courses and exams) – unfortunately this web page is only available in German. The exact date of your registration for courses or exams does not matter, as long as it is done during the period mentioned.

Further questions

For more detailed information or if you should have further questions, please feel free to contact us: