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Research goals

Our research group deals with transitions of human-environment systems towards sustainability. This includes:

  • Development of a theory and ontology for transitions in human-environment systems.
  • Development of interdisciplinary methods and models in order to understand, analyse and simulate human-environment systems and their governance systems.
  • Development of transdisciplinary approaches, in order to bring together local and scientific knowledge, and elaborate and evaluate strategies for the transition to sustainable development.
  • Development and validation of theories and methods based on empirical case studies.

Research questions

How are decisions made?

What role do perceptions, lifestyles and socio-economic parameters play in environmental decision making?
What role do the social structures in which actors are embedded play in their decision making?

How are human-environment relations governed?

Which human decisions influence environment and health?
How can one involve the various stakeholders in problem definition, and solution development and evaluation?

What similarities exist between human-environment relations?

How can human-environment systems and their governance systems be compared?
What similarities exist between different cultures' change processes?

Research projects