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In good university tradition, research and teaching are equally important and closely related by the Human-Environment Relations unit. Almost everyone who conducts research here teaches as well. This ensures that students not only get a canon of standard geographical knowledge, but also are exposed to the latest developments in research.

The main focus of our teaching and research lies in the emerging field of human-environment relations, within which we cover the conceptual analysis of human-environment relations in the application areas of sustainable resource use, sustainable regional and urban development and sustainable supply chains. The areas of city and settlement geography, population geography and social geography are also taken into account. In addition, courses are given in agent-based modelling and sustainability assessment methods.

We strive through our education to give students their best possible chances in the job market. Therefore, we not only teach subject-specific content, but also pay special attention to the theoretical and practical teaching of universally applicable research methods: qualitative and quantitative social research, statistics, and spatial and actor-oriented modelling and evaluation. In addition, we offer our students the opportunity to learn presentation techniques that today belong in the toolkit of many professions.

The close connection between theory and practice is important to us. Hence we examine, discuss and visit in many courses the real social, economic and planning problems of our own region. Experts from business, government and politics meet regularly as guests in our educational events or hold their own courses as a lecturer. This creates contacts that can help our students to a job after graduation.