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Kickoff-Workshop in the LIRLAP project

31.03.2021  Reimuth, A.


On 09/03/2021 the kickoff meeting of the BMBF-funded LIRLAP Project was held virtually hosted by the Technical University of Dortmund. After a general introduction of the project approach, the Asian project partners from the SURP University in Manila, the VNUA University in Vietnam and UFP University in Thailand were welcomed. All partners presented their goals and expectations for the next four years of the Research and Development phase and intensely discussed the mechanisms for a joint collaboration.
The first Workshops will be held virtually in July in the Manila (Philippines), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Bangkok (Thailand), which are targeted for local and national stakeholders of urban risk management.

The LIRLAP project (Linking disaster risk governance and land-use planning: the case of informal settlements in hazard prone areas in The Philippines) focusses on the development of long standing strategies to reduce the socio-economic vulnerability of urban informal settlers and enhance community adaptive capacity for resilience by connecting urban risk governance and risk-based land use planning.
In the project, LMU Munich focusses on the assessment of future risk trends, which enables a comprehensive evaluation of upgrading and resettlement options in terms of risk reduction. For this purpose, a statistical urban-growth model is refined to analyze the effects of urban growth on future hazard exposure of informal and low-income settlements for the three study sites Manila, Bangkok, and Hanoi. In order to project the future potential developments of the cities, the Shared Socio-economic Pathways are downscaled to develop scenarios adjusted to the site-specific, local conditions.
LMU Munich is also closely involved in mainstreaming the obtained approaches for upgrading and resettlement into practical planning of disaster-risk reduction strategies and knowledge-building for training purposes.
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