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Publication on modelled land use and land cover change emissions

21.05.2021  Obermeier, W.

Wolfgang Obermeier, Tammas Loughran, Felix Havermann, Julia Pongratz and colleagues from the TRENDY consortia investigated different model-derived fluxes from land use and land cover changes (fLULCCs) by using the TRENDY v8 dynamic global vegetation models used in the 2019 global carbon budget. The authors find huge regional fLULCC differences that mainly result from the underlying environmental assumptions, the simulated periods, and the timing of land use and land cover changes. Based on these results, the authors argue for a method to derive fLULCC by models that is more consistent across time and space and highlight the need for carefully choosing the accounting period.

The study is published in Earth System Dynamics (Volume 12, issue 2) and distributed via Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License ( )