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27.09.2021  Pongratz, J.
5 open positions in climate project

The chair for Geography and Land Use Systems at the Department of Geography carries out fundamental and applied research on the human impact on climate via land use. It will lead, pending final project confirmation, the synthesis, transfer and coordination project for the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funding line on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).

To limit global warming in line with the Paris Agreement's goals, greenhouse gas neutrality needs to be reached within the next few decades. This will likely require CDR in addition to emissions reductions. Projects in the BMBF program on terrestrial, geological and material-based CDR and a parallel program on marine CDR methods aim to provide a systematic and comprehensive science basis of potentials, implementability, risks and side-effects in the Earth system of various CDR methods and pathways, and will investigate feedbacks with other Sustainable Development Goals. The CDR program aims to enhance the research capacities in Germany for CDR, strengthen the links between research and other stakeholders, and provide an adequate science basis for political decision-making in research- and climate-policy.

In the synthesis, transfer and coordination project the following positions are available for three years (deadline Oct 12, but will remain open until the position is filled):

Program Manager (100%, TV-L E14):

Scientific Researcher (postdoc, 100%, TV-L E13):

Project Manager for Knowledge Transfer (75%, up to TV-L E14):

Public Relations Officer (50%, up to TV-L E14):

Graphics Communication Design (50%, up to TV-L E13)

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