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14.01.2022  Obermeier, W.
Review paper on ' Land Use Effects on Climate: Current State, Recent Progress, and Emerging Topics' published


Scheme of local and non-local effects of land use and land use changes on climate.

As demand for food and fiber, but also for negative emissions, brings most of the Earth’s land surface under management, in this review, we consolidate our knowledge on the scientific progress of recent years on the climatic effects of global land use change, including land management, and related land cover changes. We discuss important questions that were recently raised or resolved in the community: How can we derive CO2 fluxes related to LULCC from satellites? Why are uncertainties in LULCC-related GHG fluxes so large? How can we explain that estimates of afforestation/reforestation potentials diverge by an order of magnitude? Can we reconcile the seemingly contradicting results of models and observations concerning the cooling effect of high-latitude deforestation?

This review paper from Julia Pongratz, Clemens Schwingshackl, Selma Bultan, Wolfgang Obermeier, Felix Havermann and Suqi Guo is publicly available under

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