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09.08.2021  Reimuth, A.
First Vietnamese-German Stakeholder Workshop within the LIRLAP project


On 22/07/2021 the Vietnamese Kickoff Stakeholder Workshop of the BMBF-funded project LIRLAP (Linking disaster risk governance and land-use planning: the case of informal settlements in hazard prone areas in The Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand) was held online jointly with Hanoi, Vietnam. LIRLAP focusses on the development of long standing strategies to reduce the socio-economic vulnerability of urban informal settlers and enhance community adaptive capacity for resilience by connecting urban risk governance and risk-based land use planning.
The Kick-Off in Hanoi was organized jointly by LMU-HER and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment of the Vietnamese National University of Agriculture in Hanoi, Vietnam. More than 50 participants from scientific institutions and state agencies were attending, including representatives from the Southern Institute of Social Sciences, the National University of Civil Engineering, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the People's Committee of Long Bien, Chuong My, and Dan Phuong districts.
During the first block, local and national stakeholders were welcomed, offers for capacity building within the LIRLAP project and future research activities of the LIRLAP project in Vietnam were presented. In a keynote talk, challenges of future urbanization, climate risks and land use planning practices of Vietnam were outlined to gain a joint understanding
The second part of the Workshop focused on local planning practices in Vietnam and especially Hanoi with respect to informal settlements. Participants heard an insightful presentation by Dr. Luu van Nang, a representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment covering land policy issues including land use planning, acquisition, support, compensation and resettlement. The subsequent discussion included different issues of current practices in Disaster Risk Management, future need for climate change adaptation, resettlement and the land use planning in Vietnam.
Within the workshop many useful comments from the delegates were collected and insights into current land-use planning practices with respect to informal settlements were obtained. Based on this successful start, the project LIRLAP will intensively work on the development of future risk trends, upgrading and resettlement options and their mainstreaming into land-use planning in Hanoi in the next years.

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