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Fachgebiet: Hydrologie, Hydrologische Modellierung
Gefördert durch: DFG
Förderkennzeichen: FOR 1598

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Laufzeit: 10/2010 - 04/2015

The overall objective of the research unit is to provide a new framework for building hydrological models that allow a much more realistic representation of the surface and especially subsurface architecture of catchments at the lower mesoscale (10–200 km2). Key methodological objective is to unite a) the recent observation and exploration technology from soil physics, geophysics, remote sensing and hydrology with b) our understanding of landscape formation and soil structure development and c) reductionist process models as learning tools to assess novel information on surface and subsurface structures as well as on distributed process dynamics. Key theoretical objective is to develop a model and mathematical framework that allows better integration of this information into the model identification process and thus facilitates communication between experimentalists and modellers. Research will be conducted in the hydrological observatory “Attert basin” that has been operated by the Gabriel Lippmann Research Institute in Luxemburg since 2003 and is among the best investigated basins in the World.

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