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Soziale Dimensionen nachhaltiger Stadtentwicklung

Fachgebiet: Geographische Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Forschung, Stadtgeographie


Laufzeit: 04/2011

The research project contributes to the understanding of antagonistic positions in society by focusing on neoliberal urban policies that emerge in the context of urban sustainability. It starts with the premise that eco-cities are and reflect political processes; implementing sustainability at the local level, and, consequently, turning cities into eco-cities is not a technical procedure as broadly considered, but a political process for which consensus in society is required.

Drawing on political theories (Mouffe, Rancière), this research project focuses on sustainable urban development as consensus building that is aimed at hierarchical orders and hegemonies. Drawing on empirical insights from Freiburg’s sustainable urban development, the project traces the political consensus of/for urban sustainability in the Freiburg region.

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