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Nunavik-2, Climate change, permafrost decline and its hydrological impact in the Sheldrake catchment (Québec, Canada)

Fachgebiet: Bodengeographie, Fernerkundung, Geländekampagne, Geländemessungen, Hydrologische Modellierung, Modellierung
Gefördert durch: LMU-CSC Scholarship Program, ArcticNet

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Ralf Ludwig, , Prof. M. Bernier (CNRS)

Laufzeit: 09/2012 - 08/2016

The project aims at monitoring and modeling of permafrost decline, changes in the soil thermal regime of the Sheldrake River watershed and its hydrological response. It is a research activity under the ArcticNet project: Permafrost and Climate Change in Northern Coastal Canada.

For the monitoring of seasonal and annual ground movements, remote sensing technique is used. Repeat pass SAR acquisitions is used to measure phase differences on a pixel by pixel basis, then phase differences is converted to vertical displacements of terrain surface.

For modeling the hydrological response, the WaSiM model will be applied to explore the changes of the hydrological response in a subarctic catchment under climate change conditions and permafrost melting

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