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Capacities for Global Change Mitigation in Asia-Pacific Coastal Zones

Fachgebiet: Geographische Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Forschung
Gefördert durch: Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
Förderkennzeichen: CBA2011-06NSY-LOICZ

Projektwissenschaftler: , Cheng Tang

Laufzeit: 03/2011 - 03/2012
YLF-Group2.jpg  [1.712 KB]
In order to build strategic capacities for sustainable coastal zone management
and effective responses to global environmental change in the Asia-Pacific
region, the Land-Ocean Interactions in the Costal Zone project (LOICZ) organized an
interdisciplinary capacity building programme for early-career scientists and young
coastal managers: the Young LOICZ Forum Capacities for Global Change Mitigation in
Asia-Pacific Coastal Zones. During the week, senior scholars and young scientists and
coastal managers from 21 countries met for structured training on scientific techniques
and soft skills. Emphasis was placed on common learning in multi-cultural settings
to provide social learning opportunities through peer interaction, as well as on joint
social activities to create sustainable working relationships and individual friendships.
The design and organization of such an event requires temporal, spatial, human, and
financial resources, but is a valuable investment in developing future capacities.

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