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Linking Knowledge and Action for Global Environmental Change (LINKAGE)

Fachgebiet: Geographie des Wissens, Geographische Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Forschung
Gefördert durch: Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation
Förderkennzeichen: 99-2911-I-003-004-2


Laufzeit: 12/2010 - 03/2011
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The project addressed state of the art research, relevant policy issues and operational aspects to gain a better understanding of “Linking Knowledge and Action for Global Environmental Change (LINKAGE)”, including identifying barriers and bridges in knowledge transfer for effective vulnerability reduction and adaptation. Focusing on recent natural disasters in Taiwan, the research asked when, why, and how scientific knowledge influences action in the context of a central challenge of sustainable development: improving the mitigation and management of natural disasters. The project is structured to advance the state-of-the-art regarding (1) reviewing lessons-learned processes for determining causes of vulnerability; (2) identifying factors that hinder knowledge transfer in the science-policy-practice interface; and (3) examining bridges between crisis management, sustainable development strategies, and capacity building for coping with global environmental change. Specifically, the research aimed at: (i) Identifying shortcomings in knowledge production; (ii) Identifying shortcomings in knowledge application; (iii) Describing the impacts of disasters on social systems; (iv) Gaining a better understanding of the processes linking knowledge with action; and (v) Exploring mitigation pathways towards effective risk management. By analysing the linkages between research-based knowledge and action in policy and practice, insights have been gained into structures hindering knowledge transfer and potential mitigation pathways for effective disaster mitigation and global environmental change policy.

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