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Integrated Disaster Management Model

Fachgebiet: Geographische Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Forschung
Gefördert durch: European Commission
Förderkennzeichen: EVG1-CT-2001-50001


Laufzeit: 03/2002 - 02/2004

The project aimed to develop a conceptual framework for a policy-assisting disaster management tool, including specific mitigation actions for policy makers. Main components were the identification of vulnerability factors, definition of indicators and a survey on the competing policy objectives, interests and views held by different stakeholders. Physical and social data of flood events in the Upper Tisza basin (Hungary) and in Cantabria (Spain) were collected and public and stakeholder views analysed. An indicator-based approach for assess­ing flood vulnerability was developed and the vulnerability of thirteen munici­palities in Cantabria assessed and mapped. Additionally, the Elbe River floods 2002 were integrated into the project to study simultaneously the social response to an ongoing disaster. The analysis resulted in a case study on loss financing for the Inter-American Development Bank. Important insights were gained into public risk perception, financial mechanisms of disaster loss compen­sation, local disaster policy issues, and competing views of mitigation.

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