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Perception of Security in Urban Tourism of Central Europe

Fachgebiet: Politische Geographie, Tourismusgeographie
Gefördert durch: GA UK
Förderkennzeichen: 1072119
Projektwissenschaftler: , Vágner, J.

Laufzeit: 01/2019 - 12/2020

Safety and security aspects represent crucial factors that influence tourist behaviour. However, this process is not always rational but rather based on perception. Scientific literature significantly deepened its knowledge in this regard since 1990s, while the 9/11 attacks represent the main accelerator of these changes. The concept of risk came to the forefront of scholar interest and mainly in the association with the perception (risk perception). Nevertheless, several gaps can still be identified within the research. One of them is urban tourism. The research at the local level can be considered as a marginal despite of the presence of various risks with the urban nature. Similarly, the focus of the research on the European and particularly Central European space is basically absent. This is even more acute with the new phase of terrorism risk in Europe. Finally, a consequential implementation of various security measurements and their impact on the perceptions of visitors has been ignored by the researchers. Therefore, the main purpose of the proposed project is to cover perception of security in the Central European cities by foreign visitors, i.e., in situ. The effect of space on the perceptions and consequential copying strategies as a reflection of these perceptions will be analyzed. To achieve this goal a qualitative method of fear-arousing walking interviews (FAWIs) has been chosen, which makes the proposed research different from the previous, predominantly quantitative studies.

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