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High-resolution monitoring of avoided carbon emissions and carbon restoration potentials from land use change

Fachgebiet: Fernerkundung, Klimatologie, Modellierung
Gefördert durch: Stifterverband / Volkswagen AG

Projektleitung: M.Sc. Selma Bultan, Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz
Projektwissenschaftler: M.Sc. Selma Bultan, Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz

Laufzeit: 04/2020 - 05/2021

The project aims at integrating high-resolution time series of biomass carbon stocks and forest cover changes into our bookkeeping model BLUE (check the project page for more information) to provide a better representation of emissions from land use change within the 21st century.

By relying on novel satellite-based datasets, the contribution of land-use related component (CO2) fluxes (e.g. deforestation, forest degradation) to overall emissions from land-use change are quantified and uncertainties regarding those components are estimated.

Major outcomes of this project will be a near-real time monitoring system of CO2 fluxes from land-use change and an assessment of the CO2 potential of avoided deforestation and degradation. As a side outcome, we provided estimates of 2019/2020 land use fluxes to the Global Carbon Budget 2020. 

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