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Mobilität im Wandel: Nachhaltige Entwicklung des Mongolischen Steppenökosystems (MoreStep), Phase II

Fachgebiet: Fernerkundung
Gefördert durch: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Lukas Lehnert
Projektwissenschaftler: M.Sc. Batnyambuu Dashpurev, Dr. Thanh Noi Phan

Laufzeit: 03/2022 - 02/2024

The research project "MORE STEP – Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian Steppe Ecosystem" is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project of Mongolian and German partners funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The main aim is to bring social and ecological sciences together to identify societal drivers that can lead to an ecological tipping point of the Mongolian steppe ecosystem. The objective is the early identification including possible consequences for nature and society. In this context land degradation and the reduced sustainability of ecosystems by societal transformation processes – such as urbanization or changes to the nomadic way of life – will be central themes. The project particularly emphasizes the importance of mobility of wildlife and livestock in the context of societal change and seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the Mongolian Steppe ecosystem.

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