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CircEUlar - Developing circular pathways for an EU low-carbon transition

Fachgebiet: Allgemeine Geographie, Mobilitätsgeographie, Politische Geographie, Sozialgeographie
Gefördert durch: EU Horizon
Förderkennzeichen: 101056810

Projektleitung: Dr. Eoin Grealis, Prof. Dr. Henrike Rau

Laufzeit: 09/2022 - 08/2026

In order to arrest the environmental impact of our current system of production and consumption and support a sustainable future, CircEUlar aims to understand the dynamics and levers for a societal transformation towards a net-zero emissions circular economy. While there has been significant recent progress in research and theoretical development of the design and overall principles of a circular economy, such work has largely focused on the organisation of production/supply while conceptual work on the required participation from consumption/demand remains largely underdeveloped.

LMU leads a culturally sensitive and context specific social scientific inquiry of the barriers and enablers of circular consumption practices across Europe. Combining a practice theory approach to consumption research with conceptual and methodological tools from environmental psychology, CircEUlar investigates opportunities to reduce material flows and stocks (and associated emissions) through a wide range of measures to increase circularity. These include increasing the use of services rather than products, reducing overall consumption, as well as facilitating a reduction in waste and the associated resource use.

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