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Teebken, Julia (2022). The Politics of Human Vulnerability to Climate Change: Exploring adaptation lock-ins. London: Routledge Studies in Climate Justice.

book chapters & contributions

Teebken, Julia (2022). “Playing hide and seek - Adapting climate cultures in troubled political waters in Georgia, United States,” in: Climate Cultures in Europe and North America. New Formations of Environmental Knowledge and Action, edited by Thorsten Heimann, Jamie Sommer, Margarethe Kusenbach and Gabriela Christmann, Routledge.

peer reviewed Articles in journals

Teebken, Julia, Nicole Mitchell, Klaus Jacob and Thorsten Heimann, (2023). “Classifying social adaptation practices to heat stress - learning from autonomous adaptations in two small towns in Germany.” American Meteorological Society (AMS), Weather Climate and Society. 

Jacob, Klaus, and Julia Teebken (2022). “The ups and downs of the European Union as an actor in global climate policy (Original in German: Die Höhen und Tiefen der Europäischen Union als Akteur in der internationalen Klimapolitik).” Integration, Vol. 45, Issue 3,
Jacob, Klaus, Caroline Paulick-Thiel, Julia Teebken, Sylvia Veit and Mandy Singer-Brodowski (2021) “Transformative Public Administrations,” In: Sustainability, edited by Harald Hinrichs and Norman Laws, Special Issue on Sustainable Public Administration, MDPI.   
Heyen, Dirk Arne, Klaus Jacob, Julia Teebken and Franziska Wolff. (2021) “Transferring transitions? How policy transfer and transition research can stimulate each other.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Vol. 35, pp 79-81.

(Co-authored) Teebken, Julia et al. (2018). “Environmental Management Climate research priorities for policy-makers, practitioners, and scientists in Georgia, USA”. Environmental Management, pp 1–20. DOI: 10.1007/s00267-018-1051-4.

(Under review)

Teebken, Julia (2023). “Vulnerability locked in. On the need to engage the outside of the adaptation box.” Available at SSRN: or

Mitchell, Nicole, Julia Teebken, and Klaus Jacob (2023). “Adaptation Platforms – a Way Forward for Adaptation Governance in Small Cities? Lessons Learned from Two Cities in Germany.” Available at SSRN: or

Elliot, Thomas, J. A. Torres-Matallana, and Julia Teebken (2023). Urban landscape artificialization leads to increased flood hazards in the most vulnerable locations. Sustainable Cities and Society.

Other peer reviewed Articles

Teebken, Julia (2023): “2023: Addressing Climate Change: Continued Credibility Crises.” 9Dashline.

Teebken, Julia (2022). “Flood of inequity. Confronting Climate Vulnerability Risk in China and Beyond” China Environment Forum, New Security Beat, Wilson Center.

Teebken, Julia (2022). “2022: Where to for climate mitigation? Gap Between Talk and Action to Lead To 2.7°C Warming.” 9DashLine,

Teebken, Julia and Klaus Jacob (2021). “The EU – Fit for being a (global) actor in Glasgow?.” Life Dicet Blog, European University Institute, Florence School of Regulation,

Teebken, Julia (2021). “Extreme green: How China and Germany manoeuvre through climate extremes.” 9DashLine:

Teebken, Julia. (2018). “Ten Years, Nine Floods: Local-Level Climate Adaptation in China”, China Environment Forum, New Security Beat, Wilson Center:


Technical Reports/ Government Reports

Teebken, Julia, Dirke Arne Heyen, Franziska Wolff, Klaus Jacob and Guilia Kalt (forthcoming): Identification and systematization of factors influencing environmental policy transfer. State of knowledge of research on (environmental) policy transfer with reference to transformation research.“ (Original in German: Identifizierung und Systematisierung von Einflussfaktoren auf Umweltpolitiktransfer. Kenntnisstand der Forschung zu (Umwelt-)Politiktransfer mit Bezügen zur Transformationsforschung“). Government Report, German Environment Agency.

Teebken, Julia, Klaus Jacob und Franziska Wolff (forthcoming). Integration of climate protection, climate change adaptation and the sustainability agenda: examples of good practice.“ (Original in German: Integration von Klimaschutz, Klimawandelanpassung und Nachhaltigkeitsagenda: Beispiele guter Praxis.“). Factsheet, German Environment Agency.

Wolff, Franziska, Klaus Jacob and Julia Teebken (2022). Towards a joint implementation of the 2030 Agenda / SDGs, the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework.“ Discussion paper, Climate Change Series 47/2021, German Environment Agency,
Teebken, Julia, Klaus Jacob, Maria Petrova, Franziska Wolff and Nina Schwemmle (2022). Towards a joint implementation of the 2030 Agenda / SDGs, the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework.” Conceptual and Analytical Paper, Climate Change Series 46/2021, German Environment Agency,
Jacob, Klaus, Caroline Paulick-Thiel and Julia Teebken. The transformation workshop. Questions and answers on the training format.” (Original in German: “Die Transformationswerkstatt. Fragen und Antworten zum Weiterbildungsformat.“) Factsheet for the German Environmental Agency,
Jacob, Klaus, Julia Teebken, Caroline Paulick-Thiel, Blasius Walch and Henrike Arlt (2021). “Dare to transform. Development of a learning laboratory in the environmental department.“ (Original in German: “Transformation wagen. Entwicklung eines Lernlabors im Umweltressort.”) Technical Report for the German Environmental Agency,

Reviewed articles in policy reports

Mitchell, Nicole, Julia Teebken and Klaus Jacob (2022): Real Laboratories - Opportunity or Overwhelming for Small Towns?, (Original in German: Reallabore - Chance oder Überforderung für kleine Städte?). Synver*Z anthology Real Laboratories for Urban Transformation. ISBN: 978-3-88118-689-6.

Mitchell, Nicole, Julia Teebken and Klaus Jacob (2022): From real laboratory to climate change platform - Infrastructure for the future of the small town, (Original in German: Vom Reallabor zur Klimawandel-Plattform - Infrastruktur für die Zukunft der Kleinstadt). Synver*Z anthology Real Laboratories for Urban Transformation. ISBN: 978-3-88118-689-6.

Mitchell, Nicole, Julia Teebken and Klaus Jacob (2022): Experimental climate change adaptation with citizens – Conclusion for research and development. (Original in German: Experimentelle Klimawandelanpassung mit Bürger*innen – Fazit für Forschung und Entwicklung.) Synver*Z anthology Real Laboratories for Urban Transformation. ISBN: 978-3-88118-689-6.


climate adaptation governance, climate justice, comparative environmental politics, lock-ins, political ecology, policy impact assessment, transformative adaptation, transformative environmental politics