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Spiekermann Raphael, Kienberger Stefan, Norton John, Briones Fernando & Weichselgartner Juergen (2015): The disaster-knowledge matrix: reframing and evaluating the knowledge challenges in disaster risk reduction , International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (13): 96-108. (open access: , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Kelman Ilan (2015): Geographies of resilience: challenges and opportunities of a descriptive concept , Progress in Human Geography 39 (3): 249-267. (open access: , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Truffer Bernhard (2015): From co-production of knowledge to transdisciplinary research: Lessons from the quest for producing socially robust knowledge. In: Werlen Benno (ed.): Global Sustainability, Cultural Perspectives and Challenges for Transdisciplinary Integrated Research. Springer, pp.89-106 , Article in Book, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Pigeon Patrick (2015): The role of knowledge in disaster risk reduction , International Journal of Disaster Risk Science 6 (2): 107-116. (open access: , Reviewed, published.

Newton Alice, Weichselgartner Juergen (2014): Hotspots of coastal vulnerability: a DPSIR analysis to find societal pathways and responses , Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (140) , 123-133 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Kelman Ilan (2014): Challenges and opportunities for building urban resilience , A/Z Journal 11(1) , 20-35 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen (2013): Risiko – Wissen – Wandel: Strukturen und Diskurse problemorientierter Umweltforschung , 283 Seiten , Oekom, München , Book, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Newton Alice, Tang Cheng, Omuombo Christine (2013): Capacity building in the Asia-Pacific region: The Young LOICZ Forum 2011 , APN Science Bulletin (3) , 50-55 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Marandino Christa A. (2012): Priority knowledge for marine environments: grand challenges at the science-society nexus , Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 4(3) , 323-330 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen (2012): Agglomerationsraum Tokio: Ressourcen, Risiken, Relationen , Geographie und Schule 34(196) , 22-27 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Brévière Emilie (2011): The 2002 flood disaster in the Elbe region, Germany: A lack of context-sensitive knowledge. In: Dowty R.A., Allen B.L. (eds.): Dynamics of Disaster: Lessons on Risk, Response, and Recovery. Earthscan, London , pp.141-158 , Article in Book, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen (2011): Integrating science, policy, and practice for the mitigation of natural disasters: barriers, bridges, propositions. In: Kasperson Roger E., Berberian, Mimi (eds.): Integrating Science and Policy: Vulnerability and Resilience in Global Environmental Change. Earthscan, London , pp.51-96 , Article in Book, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen, Kasperson Roger E. (2010): Barriers in the science-policy-practice interface: toward a knowledge-action-system in global environmental change research , Global Environmental Change 20(2) , 266-277 , Reviewed, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen (2008): Hochwasserverwundbarkeit in Kantabrien, Spanien. In: Felgentreff Carsten, Glade Thomas (Hrsg.): Naturrisiken – Sozialkatastrophen. Spektrum, Heidelberg , S. 325-336 , Article in Book, published.

Dikau Richard, Weichselgartner Juergen (2005): Der unruhige Planet: Der Mensch und die Naturgewalten , 191 Seiten , WBG, Darmstadt , Book, published.

Weichselgartner Juergen (2002): Naturgefahren als soziale Konstruktion: Eine geographische Beobachtung der gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung mit Naturrisiken , 246 Seiten , Shaker, Aachen , Book, published.

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