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PD Dr.  Tobias Benedikt Hank

PD Dr. Tobias Benedikt Hank

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MÜLLER, C., FRANKE, J., JÄGERMEYR, J., RUANE, A.C., ELLIOTT, J., MOYER, E., HEINKE, J., FALLOON, P., FOLBERTH, C., FRANCOIS, L., HANK, T., IZAURRALDE, R.C., JACQUEMIN, I., LIU, W., OLIN, S., PUGH, T.A.M., WILLIAMS, K., ZABEL, F. (2021): Exploring uncertainties of the full range of climate scenarios from CMIP5 and CMIP6 for global crop yields , Environmental Research Letters, 16(3), , Reviewed, published.

BERGER, K., RIVERA CAICEDO, J.P., MARTINO, L., WOCHER, M., HANK, T. & VERRELST, J (2021): A Survey of Active Learning for Quantifying Vegetation Traits from Earth Observation Data. Remote Sensing , Remote Sensing 13(2), 287; , Reviewed, published.

HANK, T., BERGER, K., DANNER, M., WOCHER, M. & MAUSER, W. (2021): Introducing the Potential of the EnMAP-Box for Agricultural Applications using DESIS and PRISMA Data , International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2021 , Brussels (Belgium) , Proceeding, published.

DANNER, M., WOCHER, M., BERGER, K., MAUSER, W. & HANK, T. (2021): Efficient training of machine learning regression algorithms to quantify biophysical & biochemical traits of agricultural crops , ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Volume 173, pp. 278-296, ISSN 0924-2716, , Reviewed, published.

BERGER, K., HALABUK, A., VERRELST, J., MOJSES, M., GERHÁTOVÁ, K., TAGLIABUE, G., WOCHER, M. & HANK, T. (2021): Towards quantifying non-photosynthetic vegetation for agriculture using spaceborne imaging spectroscopy , International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2021 , Brussels (Belgium) , Proceeding, published.

VERRELST, J., DE GRAVE, C., AMIN, E., REYES, P., MORATA, M., PORTALES, E., BELDA, S., TAGLIABUE, G., PANIGADA, C., BOSCHETTI, M., CANDIANI, G., SEGL, K., GUILLASSO, S., BERGER, K., WOCHER, M., HANK, T., RASCHER, U. & ISOLA, C. (2021): Prototyping vegetation traits models in the context of the hyperspectral CHIME mission preparation. , International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2021 , Brussels (Belgium) , Proceeding, published.

ZABEL, F., MÜLLER, C., ELLIOTT, J., MINOLI, S., JÄGERMEYR, J., SCHNEIDER, J.M., FRANKE, J.A., MOYER, E., FOLBERTH, C., MARIE DURY, M., FRANCOIS, L., LIU, W., PUGH, T.A.M., OLIN, S., RABIN, S.S., MAUSER, W., HANK, T., RUANE, A.C. (2021): Large potential for crop production adaptation depends on available future varieties. , Global Change Biology, , Reviewed, published.

VERRELST, J., RIVERA CAICEDO, J.P., REYES, P., MORATA, M., AMIN, E., TAGLIABUE, G., PANIGADA, C., HANK, T. & BERGER, K. (2021): Mapping landscape canopy nitrogen content from space using PRISMA data. , ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Volume 178 , pp. 382-395 , Elsevier Amsterdam , Reviewed, published.

FRANKE, J., MUELLER, C., ELLIOTT, J., RUANEE, A., JAEGERMEYR, J., BALKOVIC, J., CIAIS, P., DURY, M., FOLBERTH, C., FRANCOIS¸ L., HANK, T., HOFFMANN, M., IZAURRALDE, C., JACQUEMIN, I., JONES, C., KHABAROV, N., KOCH, M., LI, M., LIU, W., OLIN, S., PHILLIPS, M., PUGH, T.A.M., REDDY, A., WANG, X., WILLIAMS, K., ZABEL, F. & MOYER, E. (2021): Agricultural breadbaskets may shift poleward given adaptive farmer behavior under climate change. , Global Change Biology. , Reviewed, published.

MEIER, J., MAUSER, W., HANK, T. & BACH, H. (2020): Assessments on the impact of high-resolution-sensor pixel sizes for common agricultural policy and smart farming services in European regions , Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 169 , 105205 , Elsevier , Reviewed, published.

KÜHL, K., BROHMEYER, F., MAUSER, W., BACH, H. & HANK, T. (2020): Nnnovative - Development and validation of information services for the optimization of Nitrogen use in agriculture , iCROPM2020. 3.-5. February 2020 , Montpellier (France) , Abstract, published.

BERGER, K., CAMPS-VALLS, G., VERRELST, J., FERET, J.B., WOCHER, M. & HANK, T. (2020): Spectroscopic retrieval of above-ground crop nitrogen content with a hybrid machine learning regression method , EGU 2020, 3.-8. May 2020 , Vienna (Austria) , Abstract, published.

BERGER, K., VERRELST, J., FÉRET, J.-B., WANG, Z., WOCHER, M., STRATHMANN, M., DANNER, M., MAUSER, W. & HANK, T. (2020): Crop nitrogen monitoring: recent progress and principal developments in the context of imaging spectroscopy missions , Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 242, 111758, , Reviewed, published.

KLUG, P., RITTMÜLLER, E., FRITZ, I., MUERTH, M., KAUSCH, I., NIGGEMANN, F., HODRIUS, M., MIGDALL, S., BACH, H., WERNER, C., PROBST, E., HANK, T.B., MAUSER, W., HACHINGER, S. (2020): Using Big Data Processing Facilities for Global Water Use Efficiency Derivation , ESA EO Phi-Week 2020 - Digital Twin Earth , Frascati (Italy) , Abstract, published.

WOCHER, M., BERGER, K., DANNER, M., MAUSER, W. & HANK, T. (2020): RTM-based dynamic absorption integrals for the retrieval of biochemical vegetation traits , International Journal of Applied Earth Observations and Geoinformation, Volume 93, December 2020, 102219 , Reviewed, published.

BERGER, K., VERRELST, J., FÉRET, J.-B., HANK, T., WOCHER, M., MAUSER, W. & CAMPS-VALLS, G. (2020): Retrieval of aboveground crop nitrogen content with a hybrid machine learning method , International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. Volume 92, October 2020, 102174, , Reviewed, published.

BERGER, K., ATZBERGER, C., DANNER, M., WOCHER, M., MAUSER, W., & HANK, T. (2019): Modellbasierte Selektion hyperspektraler EnMAP Kanäle zur optimalen Invertierung von Strahlungstransfermodellen für landwirtschaftliche Kulturen , PFG - Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science, Volume 86, Issue 5-6 , pp. 263-272. , Springer , Reviewed, published.

GRAF, L., KAUSCH, I., BACH, H. & HANK, T. (2019): Using harmonic analysis of green LAI time series obtained from Sentinel-2 imagery for daily representation of crop growth in a hydro-agroecological model , Publikationen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung und Geoinformation, Band 28 , pp. 214-225. , Vienna (Austria) , Proceeding, published.

MAUSER, W., HANK, T., PROBST, E., JAKSZTAT, T., HEINZELLER, C., ZABEL, F., DELZEIT, R., KLEPPER, G., ATTINGER, S., SAMANIEGO, L., MARX, A., V. HAAREN, C., BURKHARDT, K., SCHLATTMANN, A., NEUENDORF,F., BACH, H., KLUG, P., KAUSCH, I., DOTZLER, S., PFEIFFER, S., SCHUBERT-FRISIUS, M., WEISSMÜLLER, J., HACHINGER, S., KURZ, W., V. RAMM, A. (2019): Virtual Water Values - Multiscale Monitoring of Global Water Resources and Options for their Efficient and Sustainable Use , GROW Statuskonferenz 2019 , pp. 52-55. , Frankfurt (Germany) , Proceeding, published.

MÜLLER, C., ELLIOTT, J., RUANE, A., JÄGERMEYR, J., BALKOVIC, J., FOLBERTH, CH., KHABAROV, N., CIAIS, P., WANG, X., DURY, M., FRANCOIS, L., JACQUEMIN, I., FALLOON, P., WILLIAMS, K., HANK, T., ZABEL, F., HOFFMANN, M., JONES, C., REDDY, A., KOCH, M., LIU, W., OLIN, S. & PUGH, T. A. M. (2019): Understanding crop model response types in a global gridded crop model ensemble , 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference 24-26 March 2019 , Budapest (Hungary) , Abstract, published.

HANK, T., BERGER, K., BACH, H., CLEVERS, J., GITELSON, A., ZARCO-TEJADA, P. & MAUSER, W. (2019): Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy for Sustainable Agriculture: Contributions & Challenges , In: FOERSTER, S., GUANTER, L., LOPEZ, T., MORENO, J., RAST, M., SCHAEPMAN, M.E. (Eds.): Exploring the Earth System with Imaging Spectroscopy. ISSI Space Science Series, Editors: ISBN 978-3-030-24909-0. , pp. 219-256 , Springer , Article in Book, published.

DANNER, M., BERGER, K., WOCHER, M., MAUSER, W. & HANK, T. (2019): Fitted PROSAIL Parameterization of Leaf Inclinations, Water Content and Brown Pigment Content for Winter Wheat and Maize Canopies , Remote Sensing 11(10), 1150; , Basel (Switzerland) , Reviewed, published.

MINOLI, S., MUELLER, C., ELLIOTT, J., RUANE, A.C., JAEGERMEYR, J., ZABEL, F., DURY, M., FOLBERTH, C., FRANCOIS, L., HANK, T., JACQUEMIN, I., LIU, W., OLIN, S. & PUGH, T.A.C. (2019): Global response patterns of major rainfed crops to adaptation by maintaining current growing periods and irrigation , Earth's Future, Volume 7, Issue 12 , pp. 1464-1480 , Wiley , Reviewed, published.

HANK, T.B., BACH, H., PRESTELE, R., KLUG, P., MEIER, J., BROHMEYER, F., KLEINE, S., CERNY, M., STOLZ, R. & MAUSER, W. (2019): The Bavarian Virtual Water Space "VieWBay" - Exploring new Ways of assisting Environmental Administration in Bavaria through COPERNICUS-supported Land Surface Modelling , ESA Living Planet Symposium , Milan (Italy) , Abstract, published.

HARTWEG, B., APPEL, F., STEINHAUSER, S. LAMM, M., ROESEL, A., HENKEL, P., BACH, H., MAUSER, W. & HANK, T.B. (2019): Assessing the effect of biomass growth on GNSS-derived soil moisture measurements , ESA Living Planet Symposium , Milan (Italy) , Abstract, published.

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