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If you use the system for the first time please enter your student data after clicking on Neuregistrierung.

Once you are registered, you have access to the following functions:



topApart from being able to access and change your personal data (3) and password (4), there are two further functions of the notification system available:

(1) Zur Kurs- und Klausuranmeldung (registration for courses and exams)

Here you can sign up for all relevant courses, examinations and the great excursions.

Please inform yourself about your curriculum in advance, so that you know for which courses you have to sign up.

You will find all relevant information here on the website under Studium (studies) and your respective degree program or in “Anhang 2” (Annex II) of your Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (Examination and Study Regulations PSTO)!

(2) Zu den Exkursionsanmeldungen (Kleine Exkursionen) (registration for little excursions)

Here you can exclusively register for the little excursions.

Please note: Within the registration period you can change your choice as often as you like.

Distribution of participants in the coursestop

If the number of applicants exceeds the approved number of participants, higher term students are preferred. With the same number of semesters the allocation is decided by drawing lots. Therefore, if it is possible, do not forget to indicate a second priority, so that you can be reallocated to other courses. Please note: Double bookings are not recognized automatically by the system. You will not be notified of overlaps in time by an error message or similar. Therefore please make sure not to register for concurrent courses!

List of participantstop

One week after the respective registration period it will be published, to which course you have been assigned. The information can be found under News (5). To see to which courses you have been asigned please check the website of our examination office.

Click here to go to the Kursanmeldung / Klausuranmeldung online (course registration / exam registration online).