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WOCHER, M., BERGER, K. & HANK, T. (2022): Quantifying seasonal dynamics in crops using the EnMAP-Box Agricultural Applications, ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, Bonn (Germany), Abstract, published.

HARTWEG, R.B., HANK, T.B., STEINHAUSER, S., WOCHER, M., BERGER, K. & MAUSER, W. (2022): Development of a hand-held, low-cost, open-hardware hyperspectral VIS platform for educational and scientific applications, ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022, Bonn (Germany), Abstract, published.

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VERRELST, J., PORTALES, E., AMIN, E., MORATA, M., REYES, P., PASCUAL VENTEO, A.B., GARCIA, J., RIVERA, J., TAGLIABUE, J., PANIGADA, C., BOCANDIANI, G., SEGL, K., ISOLA, C., BOSCHETTI, M., HANK, T., WOCHER, M. & BERGER, K. (2022): Advances in Vegetation Traits Models in the Context of the Hyperspectral CHIME Mission Preparation, 12th EARSeL Workshop 2022, Potsdam (Germany), Abstract, published.

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Maurischat, P., Lehnert, L., Zerres, V. H. D., Tran, T. V., Kalbitz, K., Rinnan, Å., Li, X. G., Dorji, T. & Guggenberger, G. (2022): The glacial–terrestrial–fluvial pathway: A multiparametrical analysis of spatiotemporal dissolved organic matter variation in three catchments of Lake Nam Co, Tibetan Plateau, Science of The Total Environment, 156542, Reviewed, published.

Phan, T.-N., Dashpurev, B., Wiemer, F. & Lehnert, L. W. (2022): A simple, fast, and accurate method for land cover mapping in Mongolia, Geocarto International., 1-17, Reviewed, published.

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Karl, M., Kock, F., Bauer, A., Ritchie, B., Assaf, A. (2022): The future is now: An experimental study on the role of affective forecasting in hotel decision-making, Journal of Travel Research, Reviewed, in press.

Schoster, Rust, Sobottke, Göber, Kox (2022): Measuring weather data with a self-build low-cost sensor, EMS Annual Meeting 2022, Bonn, Germany, 5–9 Sep 2022, EMS2022-360, Abstract, accepted.

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Wannewitz, M., Garschagen, M. (2022): Collective adaptation in socio-culturally diverse cities – Insights from Jakarta, Indonesia, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, Newcastle University, UK, Abstract, accepted.

Schmidt, Tietze, Gerhold, Kox (2022): “They just won’t listen” - The role of blame in narratives of past extreme weather events for anticipating future crisis, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Reviewed, published.

Faith Ka Shun Chan, Liang Emlyn Yang*, Gordon Mitchell, Nigel Wright, Mingfu Guan, Xiaohui Lu, Zilin Wang, Burrell Montz, Olalekan Adekola (2022): Comparative analysis and implications of sustainable Flood Risk Management in four front-end countries: The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, & Japan, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions,, Reviewed, published.

Mittermeier, M., Weigert, M., Rügamer, D., Küchenhoff, H., Ludwig, R. (2022): A deep learning based classification of atmospheric circulation types over Europe: projection of future changes in a CMIP6 large ensemble, Environmental Research Letters, Reviewed, published.

Schmidt, Tietze, Gerhold, Kox (2022): Requirements for theuse of impact-based forecasts by road maintenance services in Germany, Advances in Science and Research, 19, 97–103, Reviewed, published.

Cikovac P., Küfmann C. (2022): Topoclimatic observations regarding conservation of climate microrefugia in the Opuvanido doline, maritime Mediterranean Dinarides of Montenegro , 8th Balkan Botanical Congress, Athens, 4-8 July.The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens., 26, Athens, Abstract, published.

Ferri, A. und M. Popp (2022): 'Wayfeeling': Navigating through Emotional and Sensorial Responses in Public Transit., Wellbeing, Space and Society,, Reviewed, published.



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