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07.11.2021  Pongratz, J.
Global Carbon Budget 2021 released at Climate Conference in Glasgow

The Global Carbon Project, co-authored by Julia Pongratz and Clemens Schwingshackl, has published its annual estimates of anthropogenic CO2 sources and sinks. Global fossil CO2 emissions in 2021 are set to rebound towards their pre-COVID-19 levels, projected to grow by 4.9%, after an unprecedented drop in 2020. Global gross emissions from land-use change remain high at 13.3 GtCO2 in 2020. The Global Carbon Budget 2021 is presented at the Climate Conference in Glasgow in a press briefing on Nov 3 and a side event in the Science Pavilion on Nov 4.

Details can be found here:
Carbon budget data:
Side event at COP26:
LMU News:
Press e.g. at BR24:

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