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Liang Emlyn Yang

Dr. Liang Emlyn Yang

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Flood resilience, climate resilience; Modelling flood adaptation in urban context


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Call for participations in the International workshop on Flood Risk and Resilience at Community Level, which will be hold at LMU Munich on 01-02 December 2022.   >>more

Call for Papers of the Special Issue: Future risk and adaptation in coastal cities. 01 Oct 2020 - 28 Feb 2022. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS).   >>more  


Call for Papers of the Special Issue: Social Resilience to Climate Changes Over the Past 5000 Years. 01 Jun 2019 - 31 Dec 2021. Environmental Research Letters>>more



Dr. Liang Emlyn Yang (杨亮, 字也明) is a geographer studying on human-environment relations with focus on long-term climate adaptation and resilience. Household survey, stakeholder network analysis, agent-based model and geo-information systems are often applied in the studies. Emlyn is currently working on urbanization, flood risks and resilience building in Southeast Asia and China. 

Dr. Yang is the P.I. of ERC Starting Grant 2021: STORIES - Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Flood Resilience. >>more

Education and professions

> Since 06.2019: Senior Researcher/Lecture, Department of Geography, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), Munich, Germany

> 01.2016-05.2019: Postdoc Researcher/Lecturer, Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” (German Excellence Initiative), Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Kiel University, Germany.

> 01.2015-12.2016: Postdoc researcher, Resilient Cities Lab, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University, Boston, USA (offer refused)

> 08.2014-12.2015: Postdoc researcher, Institute of Geography and the Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Germany

> 10.2010-07.2014: PhD at Institute of Geography, Excellence Cluster "Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction" (CliSAP), University of Hamburg, Germany (Prof. Jürgen Scheffran, Prof. Jürgen Oßenbrügge, Dr. Michael Waibel)

> 09.2007-07.2010: MSc at Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

> 09.2002-07.2006: BSc at School of Resources and Environment, Southwest University, Chongqing, China


Lehr - und Aufgabenbereiche

04/2022 - 07/2022
Vorlesung und Übung: Trend Assessment, Scenario and Modelling, Joint course

10/2021 - 02/2022
Seminar: Applied Trend Assessment, Scenario and Modelling, independent course (sole lecturer)

04/2021 - 07/2021
Vorlesung und Übung: Trend Assessment, Scenario and Modelling. Joint course.

10/2020 - 02/2021
Seminar: Applied Simulation Modelling. Independent course (sole lecturer)

04/2020 - 07/2020
Vorlesung und Übung: Trend Assessment, Scenario and Modelling. Joint course


STORIES: Spatial Temporal Dynamics of Flood Resilience (01.04.2023 - 31.03.2028) >> mehr

FReCom: Flood risk management and resilience building at community level in rapidly growing cities in China and Germany (01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023) >> mehr

FloodAdaptVN: Integrating Ecosystem-based Approaches into Flood Risk Management for Adaptive and Sustainable Urban Development in Central Viet Nam (01.08.2019 - 31.01.2021) >> mehr

LIRLAP: Linking Disaster Risk Governance and Land-use Planning: the case of informal settlements in hazard-prone areas in the Philippines (01.07.2019 - 31.12.2020) >> mehr

DECIDER: DECisions for Adaptive Pathway Design and the Integrative Development, Evaluation and Governance of Flood Risk Reduction Measures in Transforming Urban-Rural-Systems
(01.05.2019 - 30.04.2023) >> mehr